Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Journey, My New Life

Suddenly finding yourself a new widow is a devastating thing. You go through so many emotions you aren't sure what you feel. You feel lost, alone, afraid, angry, hurt...all of this rolled into one. You don't lnow where to turn, you don't know how to go on with life, such as it is.

I know, because I am a new widow. It has been 5 months since I lost my husband and the pain is still as great as the first day. I felt like I had no where to turn either, so I turned to the only thing I know...writing. He was very proud of my articles, and read everything I wrote.

I have recently been working on articles about medical issues and some of the things I have had to deal with as this new "widow." I write these things as a way to feel close to my husband, and as a way to help others that are going through this turmoil.

My hope, by starting this blog, is that other widows will find me and that we can perhaps help each other as we journey forth into this new life we neither asked for nor wanted. It doesn't matter if you are a new widow, or it has been years, the pain and loneliness are still heavy on your heart.

The process is overwhelming and you just can't do it alone. Perhaps we can all help each other and make it just a little easier, as our journey continues through life.


  1. I recently discovered your blog. Are you still writing?

  2. Anonymous,
    Thank you for posting. Yes I am still posting in this blog. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get back to it. I just recently posted a Valentines poem dedicated to my one true love. Please feel free to read whatever you like and check nack for new posts.