Friday, January 17, 2014

Nearly Five Years After...

I haven't been here much and I don't know if anyone will be around to read this or not, but an on-line friend recently found the link to this blog on my Facebook page and sent me a nice message thanking me for saying the words others that have been through it felt.

It's amazing that a neglected blog can still reach out there and touch someone, so I felt the Widow's Web page deserved an update, as it appears it has been over a year since my last post. Has life gotten grand for me? No, I wouldn't exactly say that, but I have learned to cope and adapt much better.

It is coming up to the 5 year mark of losing my husband, and if you have been there, near there or beyond, you know there are still days when it is hard. You will still get overwhelmed with lonliness and miss your loved one so much it hurts. Time may heal, but the hurt never really goes away, you just sort of get used to it and adapt your life around it.

The one thing that time does help, is the ability to talk about your spouse with out totally losing it. In the beginning memories of my husband would have me in tears within seconds. Now I am able to talk about those memories and it is a sad happiness that envelopes me. Sad because he is no longer here to create anymore memories, yet happy to have the ones I do have to hold onto and share.

Incase you are wondering, I am still alone. I haven't had much interest in the dating scene. Actually, from a few things I hear, maybe that's a good thing! It is scary for anyone to put themself out there and meet someone knew that may or may not work out. I think I am more afraid of all that drama than I am of being alone!

I still do some writing and I have gotten back into sewing and crocheting more so I have plenty to do, plus I have my two little Shih tzu to keep me company. We have established quite  routine, just the 3 of us. They tell me when it is bedtime every night and follow me around the house like my very own pint sized protectors. Who could ask for more?

I hope you will follow me round the web as I attempt to revive these long neglected blogs! Who knows, you might read something of interest that will help you out, or atleast give you a laugh as me and my silly furbabies try to figure out this crazy life we are attempting to live!