Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Year, Another Post

I get to the point that I neglect this blog, thinking I'm not sure that I have anymore left to say. It turns out that I was wrong. You see, a writer friend was developing a new website and she sent out a call that she was interested in guest posters. I am always game for new writing gigs so I went to the site and looked around.

The site is called Everyday Women and what I saw impressed me. She covers a lot of subjects that are of great value to women. Things like diet, excersice, beauty, dating etc were all there. What I didn't see was right up my alley to write about - being a widow.

I emailed my friend, told her my idea and she quickly responded that she thought it was a great idea. We worked out all of the boring business details and I sat down to write my first post. Turns out that the words poured out of me with a great ease!

I sent it to her for consideration. She loved every  word of it, and the column on the site was born. She aptly named the section Widow's Walk and it is all mine, to write things that widows may be feeling, or needing to know.

I was amazed that it had went so well. I thought I was all talked out on the subject, but writing for Everyday Women brought back the desire to reach out to you all again and see how you are doing.

Since my arrangement with Everyday Women is only for two posts a month right now, I came back to this blog, where I can write my heart out, whenever I want to. I am coming up to the four year mark now and it hasn't been easy. I find that when a friend loses a loved one, I feel it all over again.

I also realise that I am a bit of a comfort to them to talk to because I have been through it. A new widow will reach out to an "old" one, because there is hope that if one survived, then surely the other can...

Check out Everyday Women by clicking on the link above and have a look around. Don't forget to peep into my column while you are there. Let us know what you think about the over all site and about my column. I think they are both fantastic, don't you?

See you guys again real soon...I promise!